Speedo Swimsuit – Does a LZR Racing Match Assist?

Speedo is the world’s largest selling swimwear brand and was originally developed in Australia. It has appeared in all Olympic Games since 1932. The popularity of the brands’ briefs has led to the use of its name to refer to any swimwear racing brief, regardless of the maker. But now it’s technology and design of bodysuits have brought it more to the fore for competitive swimming.

Speedo uses Performance-intensive computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis to help design it’s products. This looks at data of real swimmers-monitored in Speedo’s Aqualab research and development facility to better understand how to optimize the flow of water around a swimmer. According to Speedo, they are the only swimwear company to use CFD to design swimwear.

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Athletes sponsored by the Speedo brand include Michael Phelps and Kosuke Kitajima, but the real star of the Beijing Olympics (in terms of swimming) was not Michael Phelps (8 gold medals) or Rebecca Adlington (2 gold medals) but a lightweight nylon/elastane water-repellent fabric. The Speedo LZR Racer Suit.

Speedo Swimsuit – Does a LZR Racing Match Assist?

Speedo LZR Racer Suits have a hydrodynamic construction that compresses the body into a tube, reducing drag while at the same time improving muscle performance. The U.S. swimming coach announced the group’s costumes could improve performance by 2%.

All the gold medal-winners were thanked for the loan of their bodies, used by Speedo (owned by British Group Pentland) to bring some advanced textile technology to billions of television screens. 40 world records have now been set in LZR Racer suits. The LZR has given Speedo a big boost in the market for performance swimwear – Nike, Mizuno and Asics have all lost market share as many national and now club teams switched to Speedo Swimwear.

Speedo Swimsuit – Does a LZR Racing Match Assist?

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